Kevin Red Star Gallery & Studio Presents Archival Giclee Reproductions

Giclée printing is one of the finest reproduction methods available in the fine art market today. The word "Giclée" is a French word, meaning "fine spray". Major museums and galleries that include Giclée prints in their exhibits are:

  • The Metropolitan Museum, New York
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
  • The British Museum.

The Giclée process, when executed to its highest standards, has been recognized by many artists and institutions around the world as producing a "Fine Art Museum-Quality Reproduction".

Sweet Grass

Giclée prints are produced using only the finest archival pigment based inks (rather than dye-based), on either archival water-color paper, or canvas. The paper that we use is acid free 100% cotton paper. Because of the fine quality and "hand" of the paper, the artist is able to hand paint highlights with acrylics on each print after completion, adding a unique, personal touch to each one. The truly revolutionary aspect of the Giclée printing process is the color density. The viewer immediately sees much greater richness and depth of color than is possible in traditional offset lithography. In addition, Giclée printing enables us to print directly on fine art paper, canvas, panel, and surfaces which have traditionally been impossible.

Big Thunder

Dancers - Red Star Brothers

Buffalo Medicine Crane

The Giclée Process:

  • The first step in the actual production process of a Giclee print is to obtain a high-quality transparency or digital file of the original painting. Reproducing the colors of the original piece accurately is extremely difficult, and requires a great deal of knowledge and skill.
  • After obtaining a transparency or digital file that has accurately reproduced the hues in the original, the printing process begins.
  • The image is first "read" by a computer to achieve color separation information, and any final adjustments to color are made at this time.
  • This information is then sent to a sophisticated printer specifically designed to produce this type of print with the utmost of accuracy.
  • The image is formed by spraying fine dots of ink on the media, at the rate of up to one million droplets of ink per second.
  • After the print has been completed, it is then inspected to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality.
  • If the print is produced on canvas, it is given several coats of varnish to protect it from moisture and damaging ultraviolet light, since a canvas print need not be framed under glass.
  • At his point, the artist may paint highlights on each print, it is then again inspected, signed, numbered, and issued a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • We are very proud of the fine quality of prints which we offer to our collectors. They are created with meticulous attention to detail and quality.
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