The Keeping Season: Art of Florals at Stapleton Gallery July 18

On the evening of Thursday, July 18th, Stapleton Gallery will open its doors for a one night, group exhibition exploring one of the great subjects of art throughout time: flowers.

Stapleton Gallery
104 North Broadway, Suite 204
Billings, Montana 59101
406 384 0996

Beneath the lushness and timeless beauty of flowers lies something destined to fade–making urgent the desire to capture and convey, to savor and keep something of their essence. We challenged 17 artists to bring fresh material to fascinate our collectors, friends, and flower-lovers alike. The subject of florals is endlessly fascinating and we hope you join us for a show you won’t soon forget–including artists Kaetlyn Able, floral designer Katie Bennett, Jenny Booth, Tammy Callens, Mike Clark, poet Michael Earl Craig, Steve Degenhart, Jennifer Eli French, Carol Guzman, Audrey Hall, Morgan Irons, Amber Jean, Dominique Paulus, Ben Pease, Kevin Red Star, Judd Thompson, fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail – as well as a rare and meaningful display of still lifes by renowned painter of the American West, Joseph Henry Sharp (1859–1953).