“Masters of the American West” Exhibition and Sale – February to March 2013

Autry National Center
February 2 – March 17, 2013
Autry National Center
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, California 90027
Map and Directions

Mountain Crow Horse Shield

About The Exhibition
The Autry National Center’s Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale is considered the country’s most important Western art show. Each year, more than 75 nationally recognized, contemporary Western artists challenge themselves to create and exhibit their very best work. Stylistically and thematically diverse, their works represent the extraordinary range of subject matter that contemporary, historic, and mythic Western experiences inspire.

Featured work by Kevin Red Star: “Mountain Crow Indian Horse Shield”
This shield represents a faction of the Crow Indians who reside in mountain foothills. They are thus referred to as the Mountain Crow – distinct from the River Crow, who live alongside river areas. Personalized, significant emblems include seven horses and stars. The traditional dream catcher is nestled among the feathers at center top. A common belief held that the web design of the dream catcher allows nightmares to pass through, while good dreams are caught in the web, sent floating down the feathers, and on to the sleeping person.